Ruben Gallego: Mueller should investigate Trump for tweeting

PHOENIX — Congressman Ruben Gallego said Thursday that Special Counsel Robert Mueller should investigate President Donald Trump for tweeting.

Gallego, who represents Arizona’s seventh congressional district, appeared on CNN’s “Situation Room with Wolf Biltzer” Thursday afternoon to talk about the special counsel’s ongoing investigation. Blitzer said that Mueller is “taking a very close look at the president’s tweets to see if they amount to witness intimidation, obstruction of justice.”

Asked if the Twitter feed rises to that level, Gallego responded in the affirmative and claimed that the public sees his tweets as “a form of intimidation.”

(You can watch the exchange here.)

“Certainly,” the Democrat said. “Look, if this had been the president writing letters or letters to the editor and publishing it in the New York Post or New York Times, Washington Post — I think a lot of people would have actually said, ‘Yes, this is a form of intimidation, a form of obstruction of justice.’”

“That is a worthwhile reason why Mueller should be investigating,” he continued.

Gallego came under fire in February when — for the second time in one year — he called President Trump “a psychopath” and ominously warned that “America will regret the day you were ever born.”


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