10 things that didn’t exist the last time Hiral Tipirneni practiced medicine

PHOENIX — One week after an exposé rocked her congressional campaign, Democratic candidate Hiral Tipirieni remains under fire for what many have described as inflating her professional resume.

Even though Tipirneni appears in scrubs interacting with patients in her campaign ads, an ABC15 investigation recently revealed that the Democratic candidate has not treated any patients since 2007.

The Washington Examiner also pointed out this week that Tipirneni — in addition to the wearing scrubs and holding a patient chart — is sporting an Apple Watch in one of her ads . . . a device that didn’t come onto the market until 2015, eight years after she left the profession.

In other words, it’s been a long time. To give you an idea, here are 10 other things that didn’t exist the last time the Democratic candidate was treating patients:

1. President Obama: The last time Tipirneni practiced medicine, Barack Obama — the husband, father, and former Illinois state senator — certainly existed, but the U.S. Senator wasn’t anything close to a household name, nor was he considered a viable candidate for the White House. He was running an uphill bid against an established, well-funded primary opponent, Hillary Clinton, who many assumed would handily win, sending the Illinois native back to Congress.

2. Breaking Bad: The last time Tipirneni practiced medicine, the now-famous television series “Breaking Bad” — about an Albuquerque man’s transformation from a chemistry teacher into a wealthy methamphetamine manufacturer — hadn’t aired its first episode. The pilot originally aired on AMC in January 2008.

3. The iPad: The last time Tipirneni practiced medicine, the Apple Watch (as we mentioned) wasn’t yet on the market. But neither was the iPad, a $500 tablet computer first released in April 2010.

4. Instagram: The last time Tipirneni practiced medicine, people’s best chance of commenting on their friends and family members’ photographs might have involved mailing around a photo album with a note attached. Instagram, the popular photo-sharing and video-sharing service — later acquired by Facebook for $1 billion — launched in October 2010.

5. Justin Bieber’s First CD: The last time Tipirneni practiced medicine, Justin Bieber was nothing more than a kid uploading videos of himself singing to YouTube. The singer was later discovered by a talent agent and didn’t make his debut on the Billboard charts until July 2009.

6. FarmVille: The last time Tipirneni practiced medicine, the only real option for people who wanted to play a video game about farming was Harvest Moon. FarmVille, the simulated farming game whose number of players skyrocketed to tens of millions of users thanks to Facebook, wasn’t released until June 2009.

7. WALL-E: The last time Tipirneni practiced medicine, WALL-E was a lovable, big-eyed robot on wheels whom few people even knew about. A movie trailer introducing the character was uploaded online in 2007, and WALL-E was officially brought to life on the big screen in June 2008.

8. Hunger Games: The last time Tipirneni practiced medicine, Katniss Everdeen from District 12 hadn’t entered the 74th annual Hunger Games because she didn’t exist. Scholastic published the first installment of Suzanne Collins’ best-selling trilogy in September 2008.

9. Uber: The last time Tipirneni practiced medicine, people were hailing yellow cabs on the street corner because Uber hadn’t been created. The ride-hailing service, which reached 40 million monthly active riders in 2016, didn’t launch until March 2009 under the name UberCab.

10. Snooki: The last time Tipirneni practiced medicine, the world hadn’t met a little meatball named “Snooki” — nor had we met “Pauly D,” “JWoww,” “The Situation,” or any other cast members from “Jersey Shore.” The reality television series first aired on MTV in December 2009.

The general election in Arizona’s eighth congressional district — in which Tipirneni will be running against Republican former state senator Debbie Lesko — is on April 24.

You can click here to learn more about the race.


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