Oops! AZ Dem Party’s tone-deaf GIF shows Pennsylvania shooting missile at CD-08

PHOENIX — There’s nothing quite like an accidental nuclear missile to make constituents feel safe.

After Democrat Conor Lamb won the special election in Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district earlier this week, the Arizona Democratic Party tried to capitalize on the victory by claiming that momentum is in their favor.

The state party sent out several fundraising emails to supporters making the case that, if Lamb can win in Pennsylvania, Democratic congressional candidate Hiral Tipirneni can win in Arizona.

“Last night, a SOLID TRUMP district elected a DEMOCRAT in Pennsylvania’s special election,” one of those emails said. “The next big special is RIGHT HERE in Arizona and we’re going all out to make sure Dr. Hiral Tipirneni is the next Democrat to SHOCK the political world.”

But the GIF embedded in the middle of that email . . . caught recipients’ attention.

What was likely intended as celebratory fireworks moving westward looked a lot like Pennsylvania shooting a missile at Arizona’s eighth congressional district, culminating in explosive sparks and all.

Last week, the Arizona Democratic Party sent out another email begging donors for “a spare room or bed” or even a “top bunk” for out-of-state operatives looking to influence the state’s special election.

Tipirneni — whose prospects of winning have been called a “pipedream” by the Arizona Republic’s liberal columnist — was mocked this week for accidentally holding a “Meet & Greet” event for prospective constituents outside of the congressional district that she’s running to represent.

Tipirneni will face Republican former state senator Debbie Lesko on April 24.


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