Arizona Democratic Party begs donors for “a spare room or bed” for out-of-state operatives

PHOENIX — The Arizona Democratic Party sent out a fundraising email last week begging supporters for “a spare room or bed,” “a couch,” or even a “top bunk” for out-of-state political operatives.

The state party said that it is seeking extra residential space for Democratic operatives from other states looking “to turn AZ blue.”

“Folks all across the country are packing their bags and getting ready to head where the action is in Arizona, and they need a place to drop those bags on their way to the office,” the fundraising email said. “We’re asking our best supporters: Can you host a staffer?”

In recent months, the state Democratic Party has projected public optimism about its chances of winning the open seat in Arizona’s eighth congressional district — but the optimism has largely been met with ridicule.

Laurie Roberts, a liberal columnist for the Arizona Republic, criticized Arizona Democratic Party chair Felecia Rotellini as “delusional” for promoting a “pipedream” that Democrats could win the heavily-Republican district.

Hiral Tipirneni, a campaign donor to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, won the Democratic nomination in February. During her first televised interview after the primary race, the candidate responded to a question about her immigration platform by saying that a border wall was “not the answer.” She suggested spending the proposed funds on, among other things, “clean energy” and “renewable energy sources” instead.

Tipirneni will face Republican former state senator Debbie Lesko in the general election on April 24.


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