Regina Romero calls for President Trump’s impeachment

PHOENIX — Tucson City Council member Regina Romero announced this week that she is joining efforts to impeach President Donald Trump.

Romero, co-founder of the political group Las Adelitas Arizona, represents Ward 1, which extends from Midvale Park to Sombras Del Cerro and includes the western portion of Sunnyside. She made her position official during an interview with KOLD.

“I’m used to push(ing) back,” Romero said Thursday. “I’m used to people using my gender and my ethnicity against me … I am not alone. There are people throughout this country and in this community that believe that Trump is unfit to be the president of this country.”

Romero is by no means first Democrat in Arizona to express her opposition to the White House’s agenda.

Democratic congressional candidate Hiral Tipirneni criticized the president’s immigration policies earlier this week as not “well thought-out,” and Congressman Ruben Gallego recently — for the second time now — called Trump “a psychopath.”

The only elected official who has gone as far as Romero is Congressman Raul Grijalva. The congressman has called for Trump’s removal from office and has worked with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to repeal the tax reform package signed into law last year.

“We #NeedtoImpeach @RealDonaldTrump,” Romero reiterated on Twitter. “Join me and sign on to @TomSteyer’s petition demanding Congress impeach Trump.”

Tom Steyer, the Democratic megadonor to whom Romero refers in her tweet, is spearheading the party’s efforts to impeach Trump. Steyer was the single largest individual donor during the 2016 election cycle and announced in November 2017 that he would be placing a $20 million ad campaign behind his idea.

He also is behind a new ballot proposal that seeks to require Arizona’s public utilities to obtain half of their generation from renewable sources by 2030. The proposal has been dismissed by a professor at Arizona State University as “a scam” and by the Arizonans for Affordable Electricity coalition as a “feel-good measure” that will put Arizona’s electricity grid at risk.


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